Merchant is the lower 9 levels of a larger complex that also includes 97 residential apartments and a Japanese restaurant. The development was completed in 1998 by Walker Corporation, endowing it with a solid structure, modern services, and balconies to most spaces.

Merchant has its own entrance, lobby and lift and enjoys its own exclusive strata plan, operating largely independently of the residential tower through a building management committee.

Merchant is designed and constructed as 49 serviced apartments. W Property specialises in converting older style buildings into functioning, stylish work spaces and has transformed the current offering into 42 well appointed offices in the heart of the CBD.


Merchant has all the services required for a modern boutique office building, the operation of which will be overseen by an onsite Concierge enabling owners and occupiers a comfortable, hassle-free experience.


Each office has its own independent air-conditioning unit linked to a Central Cooling Tower.

Each office has at least one concealed new indoor air-conditioning unit which provides hot and cool air at the required temperature. Each individual air-conditioning unit is be linked to the office’s own individual electrical meter to maximise energy efficiency and reduce wastage.


Each office has its own electrical meter. Power is provided to each bathroom, kitchen and terminated at a point in the ducted skirting. The ducted skirting provides flexibility to occupiers to distribute power to different locations within each office.


Secure access control to the main front door, lift, lower ground floor amenities (end-of-trip facilities, bike room, call cabins, wine cellar) and to a fresh daily towel service on each floor. Access to suites is via key lock. There are security cameras located throughout the common areas.


A brand new lift has installed by United Lifts. After hours access is via Proximity Card.


The building is well protected being of concrete construction, having two fully enclosed fire stairs, fire hydrants, and sprinklers throughout.


There are 6 internet providers connected to the building including NBN, TPG, Open Networks, Pipe Networks, Telstra and Commscope, providing standard speed internet. A premium speed service is offered by Spectrum Networks, delivered over CAT6 cable.


There is a garbage room on each floor with a garbage chute to a central waste bin. Recyclable rubbish is collected on each floor and taken to the central garbage room periodically.